Nina Bruun
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Social Media & PR


As a part of Nina’s consultancy members of her team exclusively work with PR, communication and Social Media. This service involves anything from writing press releases to integrating brand’s visual expression on Instagram and other Social Media platforms. In relation to Instagram and social media, Nina and her team create photo materials, manage accounts, are active and visible on the relevant platforms etc. 

There are three ways to acquire this service:

The small package:  

If you have mastered the overall strategy but still want an external point of view on your current Instagram. We’ll do an analysis of your current efforts, audience and visual content and comes up with a comprehensive proposal on how you can improve your Instagram based on your DNA and identity.

The medium package:

If you haven’t defined a strategy but you’re not quite sure how we can help you, then the medium package is the solution. We’ll do an analysis of your current effort, prepare a strategy plan for when and what content should be posted and I execute this strategy by managing your account for 1 month. The medium package can thus be seen as a trial period where we demonstrate how your Instagram can develop even further in an aesthetic direction in line with your identity and DNA.

The large package:

With this solution you don’t have to worry about a thing. Based on an analysis of your current effort we put together a strategy and develop a detailed content plan for your Instagram for at least 3 months. We’ll implement the strategy by creating our own visual content, post your own images and of course tell your story! At the same time, we’ll engage with your followers all day and make sure to spread the knowledge of your brand.

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